Friday, October 29, 2010

What Makes a Perfect French Macaroon?

Browsing across the internet, I stumbled upon the Macaron Store that sells French Macaroons, or as most of us know them as, Macarons.  I consider myself a French Macaroon fanatic, but do you know what creates a PERFECT French Macaroon?  Here are some tips that I found at the Macaron Store...

  • The “skin”, or crust, of the macaron should be extremely smooth.  If you see chunks or bubbles, the almond was not grounded fine enough.  The less rough, the better.
  • The skin should be similar to an eggshell.  Smooth, thin, and supportive, but easily penetrable.  You should not have to worry about biting too hard and breaking the cookie into the middle of the filling.
  • The texture of the cookie underneath the skin should be light, hardly chewy, and soft.  However, you do not want the cookie to be mushy.
  • The filling should be light and firm, not sticky or messy.  Generally speaking, eating a macaron should be very clean.  No crumbs, residues, or leftovers once you have finished eating it should be around.
  • The filling to cookie ratio.  A good macaron does not have too much, or too little filling.  You do not want the two cookies being held together by the lightest spread of filling possible, nor do you want the 5 times as much filling as cookie.  There is a perfect medium to be had.
  • You should be able to taste the flavor of the macaron.  You do not want one that is too sweet or too bland, there is a perfect medium.